Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Astonishing Personality Test Used in Finnish Army

personality test mental disordersThis is a personality test that all army recruits in Finland have to take, whether they are women or men. The main goal of the test is to reveal potential mental health disorders in future soldiers so that army physicians and officers are aware and particularly careful of them.

The concept of the test is very simple. The recruit looks at the circles and names all the numbers he sees in them. If he can see numbers in all the six circles, then he is healthy. If the future soldier cannot see numbers in several circles at a time, then he has to be checked for color blindness. If he cannot see only one number, then he may be having the following problems:

Not able to see number in the circle 1. Increased aggressiveness and conflict behavior.

This group of soldiers is recommended to pay most attention to contrast shower and physical exercise.

Not able to see number in the circle 2. Decreased intellectual ability.

Additional measures are not required for soldiers serving in general purpose forces.

Not able to see number in the circle 3. Gluttony.

Enhanced meal and physical exercise are recommended. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid sedentary work or work in the kitchen.

Not able to see number in the circle 4. Sadism.

Soldiers with mild form of sadistic tendencies are recommended to the Troops to Teachers, those with the severe form – to the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards.

Not able to see number in the circle 5. Latent homosexuality.

Poorly controllable seizures of attraction to persons of the same sex can take place. Additional measures are not required.

Not able to see number in the circle 6. Schizophrenia.

Full check at psychiatrist is recommended.
P.S. Can you see all the numbers? Don’t worry if you can’t, first of all, the credibility of the test is not guaranteed. I just stumbled upon it on the net and found it really astonishing and uncommon, so I decided to share it. Secondly, it is aimed at revealing potential disorders, i.e. they may never show. To be honest, I also couldn’t see one of the numbers but I won’t tell which :mrgreen:

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